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Usually, it takes complex automation systems to control and monitor decentralised heating and ventilation systems or sub-assemblies thereof. This is not only time-consuming but also expensive. Digitalisation in building operation now makes it possible for the first time to perform these tasks directly and autonomously by an actuator: the Smart Actuator. Tested and ready-programmed applications on the Smart Actuator System support simple commissioning and remote access for monitoring and maintenance through cloud services.

The most important advantages:

Ready to use applications

Setting application parameters with the smartphone instead of programming them

Standardised installation

Plug-in system with coloured and mechanical coding ensures error-free connections

Integrated remote access

Plant monitoring without building management system

Smart Actuator in a nutshell

Easy installation and commissioning

mobile usage of actuator app

Fast and cost-optimised wiring without terminals

Plug-in system with coloured and mechanical coding ensures error-free connection

Field devices are supplied with voltage directly via the Smart Actuator system

Optional I/O modules allow flexible system extensions for a wide range of applications

Commissioning and maintenance via cloud and smartphone app

Product overview

sauter actuator

Smart Actuator for ball valves

Two-way and three-way ball valves are used for many HVAC applications while 6-way ball valves prove to be ideal for single-room control with 4-pipe to 2-pipe terminal unit applications. Combined with the Smart Actuator, heat exchangers and heated/chilled ceilings can be controlled autonomously and energy-efficiently. Commissioning and remote access to the system can be done via Bluetooth LE, WLAN, or BACnet MS/TP.

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Smart Actuator for globe valves

Globe valves with a screw or flange connection enable the highest control quality for the energy-efficient operation of HVAC systems. Together with the Smart Actuator, applications can be operated without the use of additional controllers or automation stations. Various interfaces make commissioning and remote access to the system possible.

Product documentation
smart actuator
smart actuator

Smart Actuator for ventilation dampers and air mixers

Round or square dampers in ventilation systems are necessary to distribute the air required for air conditioning in buildings. Installed on a ventilation damper, the Smart Actuator can operate small ventilation systems autonomously in conjunction with I/O modules. Rapid commissioning using a smartphone app via Bluetooth LE or SAUTER Cloud is just as possible as integration into building management systems via BACnet MS/TP.

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Smart Actuator EXtensions

I/O module

To operate comprehensive applications, signals from sensors and signals to actuators must be passed on. I/O modules extend the inputs and outputs of the Smart Actuator. Up to 2 I/O modules can be plugged into a Smart Actuator, thus transmitting information from and supplying power for sensors and actuators.

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smart actuator
smart actuator

Wiring made easy

Power and connecting cables for the Smart Actuator system

In heating and ventilation installations, fast and error-free cabling is a decisive factor for the success of a project. All the cables required for power supply, bus connection, and connection cables for sensors, actuators, and I/O modules are designed as one connector system.

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Integral Systems

Room control unit

Room control units measure the current temperature and enable the users to make adjustments. For applications in the area of individual room control, a room control unit can be operated directly on the Smart Actuator.

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smart actuator

3D model of the Smart Actuator

smart actuator

Please click the image of the Smart Actuator to open the 3D viewer.

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